Any child, whatever his singularity might be, has the right to an education


Every child has the right to shine to his or her maximum potential, to leave a trace in the world, to grow up healthily, happily and surrounded by friends and people who love them.

A HOLISTIC LEARNING involves a horizontal and transdisciplinary relationship between teachers and students, given they are in mutual growth with the experience.

Our efforts hope to show and share the holistic model that has been implemented since 2013 in Casa Angelman with excellent results. We train other educational facilities so they can replicate the model.


  • An educational center

  • Intensive training to other schools

  • Activities focused on inclusion and socialization

  • Symposium on holistic education

  • Vocational development


We presented our model in the first Conference of Spirituality and Education Values of St Andrews´college in Scotland, in Barcelona´s Angelman family day, the International COnference on Angeman´s Syndrome in Chicago and the conference on “Educating our future” by Brother David and Matthieu Ricard


The activities developed in Casa Angelman were recognized by the chamber of legislators in Argentina.

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